Special Treatments

Ritual massages
for the well-being of the whole body

Caiammari Boutique Hotel & SPA has chosen for its guests some treatments dedicated to the beauty and well-being of the whole body, lasting 50 minutes to restore a pleasant sensation through our rituals.

Natural scrub Visage, Body and Massage | 50' € 70
The scrub is a soothing therapy that is used to rid the skin from excessive thickening, restoring brightness and for mitigating the most common and widespread skin imperfections such as large pores, impurities, post-acne scars, age spots and keratoses, wrinkles and damage from photoaging.

Massage with Karitè Candle | 50' € 70
Let yourself be caddle by the pleasant sensation of the light and fluid drops the vegetable butter that arrives on the skin with a gentle warm, dissolving the tensions, giving pleasure, tone and vigor to the body

Restorative Massage | 50' € 70
A restorative massage, which with an alternation of slow and fast, light and deep manoeuvres, stimulates the restoration of the natural activities of the whole physiology of the body.

Hot Stone Massage | 50' € 70
A captivating, relaxing and decontracting massage. Volcanic stones, releasing heat during treatment, loosen muscle contractures, reactivate circulation and purify the skin. This massage is also useful in case of accumulation of stress, fatigue and tiredness, both physical and mental, thanks to the synergy of the manual massage with the heat of the stones

Bamboo Massage | 50' € 70
According to the ancient Chinese, bamboo canes were able to circulate energy within them and could therefore be used to absorb excess energy and restore the body's energy balance. Today, bamboo canes are used for a deep decontracting massage, able to free both muscles and the mind from tensions. A magical ritual for face and body

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