Luxury SPA

Luxury SPA

Caiammari Boutique Hotel & SPA pampers its guests with a selection of high quality treatments. The famous Sothys Paris line of cosmetics, a highly specialized brand, is used for these Luxury SPA treatments.
Maison Sothys is distinguished by a particular commitment in research and innovation and imposes itself as a recognized custodian of avant-garde aesthetic expertise. Try our Luxury SPA treatments during your stay at Caiammari.

Luxury SPA

Soin Visage Fondamental HOMME  | 40' € 95
An essential facial treatment to improve and detoxify human skin. Clay-based cleansing, relaxing and anti-aging modelage, revitalizing mask with sensorial homme evasion.

Soin Visage et Corp Bamboo Massage e Aromathepy  | 55' € 98 
Face and body massage together for a magical ritual with bamboo flavoured with evasion sensors with wood pour homme.

Luxury SPA

Intensive Treatment HYDRA 3HA | 50' € 110
Hyaluronic acid treatment, Soin in several steps: a deep scrub, serum, highly moisturizing cream, serum, 3ha hydra mask for a deep hydration. 

Treatment Soin Visage et Corpo | 45' € 95
Face and body, both immersed in the softness of shea butter flavored with essential oils according to the guest's personal taste 

Modalege Sur Misure Aromatic | 40’ € 75
Deep and oxygenating cleansing, specific serum, and Modelling cream based on the type of skin, all intoxicated by an evasion Sensor Elle pour femme chosen directly by the kind host.

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