The highest volcano in Europe

The extraordinary force
of nature

Etna Park is one of the most interesting World Heritage natural sites. An example of biodiversity of rare beauty, it is one of most interesting Sicilian parks thanks to its unique natural environment and the extraordinary landscape that surrounds the highest active volcano in Europe. A must for nature lovers but also for wine and food buffs given the variety of the production. Etna, with its four craters, is surrounded on the east by the Ionian Sea, on the south by the Plane of Catania and on the west and north by the Nebrodi Mountains. The area is rich in high quality wine and food products.

There is a sundial with the characteristic pyramid shape on the meridian of Etna. The toponym Aitna, given by the Greeks, means “burning”, precisely because of the continuous volcanic eruptions. Etna is a volcanic complex which, with its frequent eruptions, has modified and affected the area that surrounds it, almost defining its customs. It is a place of extraordinary beauty that you can visit on your own or in organised groups.

Etna and the surrounding area are particularly suited for adventure and sports lovers. Indeed, different sports and open-air activities for both adults and children can be practised in all seasons.

Winter sports can be practised on Etna from December to spring and it is the ideal Sicilian destination for snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and sled dog racing. Thanks to the cable car, you can reach 2,500 metres above sea level to enjoy a breath-taking view and take trips into the craters at the summit of the volcano.

In the hotter periods, it is an ideal area for cycling, discovery trails and trekking. There are also amusement parks and the Etna Vulcanology Museum inside the Park for those who want to discover all the secrets of this beautiful site.

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