Sicily, land of multi-faceted beauty

and surroundings

Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa is in the ideal position to start exploring the surrounding area which is so rich in history, culture and unspoilt nature. The Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa is set within the Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio and the Managed Nature Reserve of Cavagrande, one of the most authentic and surprising areas of Sicily. Caiammari is an ideal point to start exploring the nearby cities so rich in ancient beauty and ready to enrapture you with their history, architecture and flavours; the uncontaminated nature will also offer you magnificent views and an interesting sample of the vast biodiversity.

For history and culture fans, the fascinating cities of Syracuse and Ortygia can be easily reached on a journey to discover the two cities that represent the cradle of our culture, where great historical events took place, which gave birth to great personalities and which still have an everlasting appeal. Caiammari is close to the famous towns of Noto, Ragusa, Caltagirone and Ispica which have interesting food and wine traditions and are culturally rich and capable of turning your holiday into an adventure, discovering small jewels of architecture and history, and also one rich in the flavours and smells of the gastronomic specialties.

Nature lovers will enjoy the excellent position of the Caiammari, a perfect point to start exploring the Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio, and more. Indeed, this area is one of the most authentic in Sicily, with its breath-taking scenery and vast protected areas with luxuriant flora and flora.

The Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa is just 3 km from the Terrauzza beach and the Fanusa beach can be reached easily. The Riserva Naturale Fiume Ciane [River Ciane Nature Reserve], the Saline di Siracusa [Salt Pans of Syracuse] and the Lighthouse of Punta Castelluccio are all within a radius of 5 km from Caiammari.

riserva naturale del Plemmirio Siracusa

Plemmirio Reserve

The Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio, set up in 2004, is on the eastern coast of Sicily and has many interesting sea and landscapes with rocky coves, small sandy beaches and limestone cliffs, all with the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean in the background.

città di Siracusa

Art and history in Syracuse

Syracuse is a city which is rich in tradition and celebrations are held to discover the customs and practices of this ancient city. Myths and tales will accompany your journey, making your holiday unforgettable.


The baroque style in Modica

The number of places of worship in Modica has earned it the nickname “city of the hundred churches”, so it is a must for lovers of architecture and more. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2002 and is a must for visitors to the Noto Valley (Val di Noto).

città barocca di Noto

Enchanting Noto

The baroque style pervades the city of Noto with elements built into an urban fabric that, although having different styles, has a structural harmony that gives the impression of all the buildings being interconnected, creating what has been called the perfect baroque city.

isola di Ortigia

Island of Ortygia

Ortygia is a city whose beauty will strike and bewitch you and it is just 9 km from the Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa. If you are visiting as a couple, it is a trip not to be missed and the romantic charm will win you over. Don’t forget to visit the Ear of Dionysius.

Catania, city of Etna

The city of Etna has a marked baroque influence and the Cathedral of Saint Agatha, in Piazza Duomo, is a splendid example of this. Visit the picturesque markets and stop to taste a crushed-ice drink or other treats of Catania’s wine and food tradition.

mare e spiagge vicino Siracusa

Sea and Beaches

The Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa is in an ideal position to get to know and explore an area rich in unspoilt nature and biodiversity. Some beaches can be reached on foot while others are within a few kilometres, offering you a holiday with many different places to discover and admire.

il borgo di Marzamemi

Seafaring town of Marzamemi

Marzamemi is a beautiful town and offers different scenes at different times of the day, all full of charm. This small seafaring hamlet in the city of Pachino is characterised by its slow, laid-back way of life. Caiammari Boutique Hotel & SPA is in the ideal position to start exploring Sicily.

il vulcano Etna

The Etna Volcano

Etna is an area of rare beauty. The largest active volcano in Europe dominates Catania and the other towns on its slopes. The craters, stratified lava flows, the dark colour of the earth and the white tuft of snow are an unparalleled natural spectacle.

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