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Safety and comfort first
your holiday at Caimmari Hotel

We are always focused on the Coronavirus situation, and on its development. In addition to the safety measure introduced by the Government and the Health Minister, with the compliance of Regions, we are ready to take further actions. Our goals are:
- To grant health, wellness and comfort to our guests
- To grant our staff's health.

In addition to daily cleaning of all the areas of our hotel, we also grant:

Frequent ventilation of common areas and bedrooms.
Sanitation of air filters and cleaning of air conditioning machines. As established by current legislation on COVID-19 (once in a week).
Placement of sanitizing gel dispensers at the entrance / exit of the hotel, in the common areas and at the entrance to the toilets, restaurants and breakfast rooms.
Cleaning and sanitizing of the gym and toilets in the common areas several times a day, in relation to the income/outcome of guests.
Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces several times a day, with particular attention to the objects that are more frequently touched such as handrails, switches, door handles. All the surfaces of the rooms and common areas, the Bar, the Pool Bar, the gym, the restaurant are sanitized with certified products and in the ways indicated by the manufacturer to ensure maximum hygiene according to the type of material the surfaces are made on.

Constant training of the staff updated in accordance to the latest national containment measures with particular reference to the sanitation of rooms and suites after each check-out. We constantly watch over that the procedure of washing and ironing of bed linen and towels is done at high temperature, followed by fully automated bagging, according to the sanitary protocol.

Swimming Pool in accordance to the current legislation about COVID-19, water quality control occurs at least every 2 hours and sanitizing of sun beds and deck chairs at each guest change and always at the end of the day. The cleaning staff always wear masks and gloves.

Personnel is daily allowed at work with self-certification declaring the absence of body temperature above 37.5 C. degrees. In order to avoid contact with external suppliers of goods and services, they have dedicated accesses and they are only admitted if they show self-certification declaring the absence of body temperature above 37.5 degrees and the use of PPE such as gloves and masks.

Measures for social distancing

In the common areas it is mandatory to respect the minimum distance of 1 meter, unless they are members of the same family or staying in the same room.
Wearing face masks is compulsory in indoor common areas and in the outdoors only if the minimum distance of 1 meter cannot be respected.
The staff must always wear a mask especially when table service is done.
Swimming pool: 10 square-meter-space between each umbrella is granted.
Gym: available by reservation only and sanitized for each use by our staff.
The setting of tables in the restaurant is organized in order to grant a minimum distance of 1 meter between guests, unless they are part of the same family or share the same room.
Breakfast: served at the tables or in the room with the utmost care and attention to hygiene standards.

Security measures for our team:

We avoid handshakes, kisses on the cheeks and hugs.
We often wash our hands, use sanitizing gel and encourage our guests to do the same.
Availability of sanitizing gel dispenser.
The back office is provided with water dispenser with disposable cups.
Staff training courses on safety procedures.
Sanitation of the offices once a day, with the utmost care of frequently touched or handed objects and of the workstation at the end of each shift.
Sanitization of changing rooms and back offices once a day.

As anticipated, we are constantly updated on the measures to be adopted to grant your maximum comfort in absolute safety.
The Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa will soon offer again new emotions and experiences the same way as our precious guests were used to receive.

For further information about opening, new and flexible cancelation policy, don't hesitate to contact us through email at  or by phone at (+39) 0931 721217.

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