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The warmth
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The name Caiammari derives from the combination of two Greek words, “Caia”, meaning court, and “Mari”, meaning immenseness of light. The amalgamation of these two words forms one word with a typically Sicilian sound. The name Caiamari therefore intends to express the idea of “a court invaded by an immensity of light”. The word encapsulates the philosophy of the family which it conveys with passion to the guests. The hotel will be your home in Sicily; the family and staff will greet you with smiles and will be present with discretion, striving to fulfil your wishes at all times, also foreseeing them.

The uniqueness of a holiday at the Caiammari Boutique Hotel & SPA is the hospitality of the people that run the hotel with commitment and passion, offering a service that is informal but at the same time professional. The strong family imprint ensures that hospitality is a real delight, just like in a real family home, and is given in the best of ways, fulfilling the wishes of guests in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Customer care is never taken for granted and this makes a difference on a holiday. When the family decided to convert the old Impellizzeri home (from the name of the noble family that owned it) into a boutique hotel, it wanted to create something that would give its guests an all-encompassing experience.

Located in the area the Syracuse noble family sojourned in, on an agricultural estate where everything from wine to wheat was produced, the villa was purchased and tastefully restored by a family of entrepreneurs that fell in love with the peace and light of this place. A place where guests, thanks to its beauty, wellness centre, surrounding nature and services such as the restaurant and the SPA, can revive their bodies and minds during a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Attention to detail and excellent services are a sign of genuine hospitality that has the wellbeing of its guests at heart.

and customer care

The family’s management philosophy revolves around fundamental values such a warmth, discretion and wellbeing. The intention is to propose holidays featuring a luxuriant nature, a wellness area and a restaurant that gives preference to locally sourced products along with a warm welcome and attention to detail. These values are what makes the Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa ideal for a fully relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Sicilian passion

Partnerships with the best producers in the area, chosen because they share the family’s same pursuit of quality, and with companies that have the same desire to narrate passion and history to give the Caiammari Boutique Hotel & SPA its own dimension. You will feel like guests in a warm and welcoming environment as if it were your own home. Every aspect of the Caiammari Boutique Hotel & Spa is looked after under the expert guidance of Lucia who is capable of coordinating from the kitchen to the spa and garden, always managing to transfer the emotion of living in Syracuse area. Passion, energy and care will tempt you and make your stay unique!

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Tel: +39 0931 721217
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CIR: 19089017A210833

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